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Landing Site: Australia
Region: NONE
Repeatered or Repeaterless?: Both

The result of your search is:

NameRegionDateRoute Length (km)Suppliers
APNG2 Asia 2006 3000 Alcatel
Australia Domestic (Bass Straight-1) Oceania 1995 240 Alcatel TCC
Australia Domestic (Shoalwater Point - Wallaroo) Oceania 1991 80 Siemens
Australia-Japan Cable Oceania 2001 12700 Tyco, NEC
Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) Oceania 2018 4600 ASN
Barrow Island Marine Fibre Optic Cable Oceania 2017 492 Nexans
Bass Strait Link with Basslink Oceania 2005 250 Siemens
Gondwana-1 Oceania 2008 2151  
Groote Eylandt, Australia Oceania 2010 95 Nexans, IT International Telecom
Hawaiki Trans-Pacific 2018 15000 Subcom
JASURAUS Asia 1997 2780 Alcatel TCC, Fujitsu
North West Cable System (Darwin - Port Headland) Oceania 2016 2100 ASN
PACRIM West Oceania 1995 6980 Alcatel TCC
Pipe Pacific Cable 1 (PPC-1) Oceania 2009 7185 TE Subcom
SEA-ME-WE-3 (Segment S3) Inter-regional 1999 4788 Fujitsu
Southern Cross (Segment A) Trans-Pacific 1999 2276  
Southern Cross (Segment G2) Trans-Pacific 1999 3543 Fujitsu
TASMAN-2 Oceania 1992 2500 Alcatel-Submarcom, Alcatel TCC
Telstra Endeavour (1) Oceania 2008 9120 ASN

If you find an error in our database, please contact us with your suggested update. We have resolved to keep our database as error-free as possible. We know the frustration of using a spreadsheet only to find that some systems we never built or were included twice in the sheet.


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