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System Name:
Landing Site: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Region: NONE
Repeatered or Repeaterless?: Both

The result of your search is:

NameRegionDateRoute Length (km)Suppliers
ASEAN (Kuantan - Kota Kinabalu) Asia 1990 1500 Mitsui, NEC, Fujitsu, OCC
Brunei-Malaysia-Philippines (BMP) Asia 1992 1518 NEC, KDD, Fujitsu, OCC
Malaysia Domestic (S4( Labuan - Kota Kinabalu)) Asia 1995 135 NEC, OCC
Malaysia Domestic (S5 (Kuantan - Kota Kinabalu)) Asia 1996 1570 NEC, OCC

If you find an error in our database, please contact us with your suggested update. We have resolved to keep our database as error-free as possible. We know the frustration of using a spreadsheet only to find that some systems we never built or were included twice in the sheet.


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