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Landing Site: Saudi Arabia
Region: NONE
Repeatered or Repeaterless?: Both

The result of your search is:

NameRegionDateRoute Length (km)Suppliers
AAE-1 Middle (Middle) Inter-regional 2016 19400 TE Subcom
EIG (Europe-India Gateway) (S4) Inter-regional 2011 6737 TE Subcom
Gulf Bridge International Cable System (GBI) / Middle East Nort Africa (MENA) Middle East 2011 4719 TE Subcom
I-ME-WE (East) Inter-regional 2010 12091 Alcatel and NEC
MENA (Middle East) (Segment 1) Middle East 2009 1221 TE Subcom
SAS-1 (Saudia Arabia - Sudan 1) Middle East 2003 333 Alcatel
SAS-2 (Saudi Arabia – Sudan) Middle East 2011 349 Nexans
SEACOM Africa 2009 6900 TE Subcom
SEA-ME-WE-2 (Segment 3) Inter-regional 1994 2760 Alcatel Submarcom, AT&T, STC, Simplex
SEA-ME-WE-3 (Segment S6) Inter-regional 1999 2743 Tyco
SEA-ME-WE-5 (Segment 2) Inter-regional 2016 7155 ASN
TGN Eurasia/SEACOM Mediterranean 2012 9280 TE Subcom
TGN Gulf Middle East 2011 2306 TE Subcom

If you find an error in our database, please contact us with your suggested update. We have resolved to keep our database as error-free as possible. We know the frustration of using a spreadsheet only to find that some systems we never built or were included twice in the sheet.


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