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System Name:
Landing Site: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Region: NONE
Repeatered or Repeaterless?: Both

The result of your search is:

NameRegionDateRoute Length (km)Suppliers
Columbus-2A (Cancun - Florida) Caribbean 1994 1121 AT&T, Alcatel Submarcom, Pirelli, Maristel
Columbus-2B (US Virgin Is - Florida) Caribbean 1994 2068 AT&T, Alcatel Submarcom, Pirelli, Maristel
FLORICO-2 Caribbean 1990 2094 AT&T, Simplex

If you find an error in our database, please contact us with your suggested update. We have resolved to keep our database as error-free as possible. We know the frustration of using a spreadsheet only to find that some systems we never built or were included twice in the sheet.


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