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Fiber Optic Companies


40 Gb/s Transmission

bullet Mintera - Deployed, funded 40 Gb/s transport (Lowell, Massachusetts)
bullet Stratalight - One third of a rack for 8, 40 Gb/s channels. (Campbell, CA)
bullet CIP - Semiconductor OAs, Electro-absorption modulators, 40 Gb/s parts
bullet Kodeos - 10 Gb/s and  40 Gb/s Transponders (South Plainfield, NJ)


bullet IPG Photonics - Very high power (> 1kW - a bit less for communications purposes) fiber lasers and amplifiers
bullet Xtera - Raman transmission
bullet MPB Communications - Lasers, optical amplifiers, undersea equipment, etc., etc. (Montreal, Canada)

Optical Components

bullet AFL (Fujikura) - Polarization Maintaining couplers
bullet Agiltron
bullet Alphion - Integrated photonic components (Princeton Junction, NJ)
bullet ANDevices -photonic devices for FTTH, ROADM and long-haul communication. Products are based on a planar lightwave circuit (PLC)
bullet Axsun -
bullet Azna
bullet Calient - Optical cross-connects
bullet Capella
bullet CernoluX
bullet Chromux
bullet CIP Photonics
bullet CoAdna
bullet Coherent
bullet Cyoptics - InP optical chips
bullet Dicon
bullet Engana
bullet General Photonics - Polarization stabilzers
bullet GlimmerGlass - Optical cross-connects
bullet ITF Optical Technologies - Submarine-qualified optical couplers
bullet Inplane - Maker of EDWAs. Jerusalem Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures (South Plainfield, NJ)
bullet Kotura - VOA arrays
bullet Lambda Crossing
bullet Lightconnect
bullet MEMX
bullet Metconnex - ROADMs
bullet NeoPhotonics - General component supply: EDFA, RX, RX, TOSA,  ROSA, MEMS
bullet OmniGuide - Developer of micro-structured ("holey") fibers.
bullet Oplink - Lots of nice parts
bullet Optellios - Active optical components for reconfigurable DWDM networks (Ewing, NJ)
bullet PhoXtal
bullet Polatis - Optical cross-connects
bullet Polychromix
bullet Q Photonics
bullet Santur
bullet Senko - Lots of Polarization Maintaining parts
bullet Spectraswitch
bullet Syntune - tunable lasers
bullet Teem Photonics - Another company with an EDWA (Meylan, France, near Grenoble)
bullet Teraxion - Fiber Bragg Gratings, Dispersion Compensation
bullet Xtellus - dynamic modules and components that are used as building blocks for reconfigurable optical networking systems (Morris Plains, NJ)

Other interesting stuff

bullet Lambda Optical Systems (formerly Firstwave) - funded by ComVentures, Sevin Rosen Funds, Foundries Holdings (Holmdel, NJ)
bullet Gigoptix - Formerly Iterra -  Great high speed chips
bullet Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFO)


bullet Celion - "any distance WANs" (Richardson TX and Tinton Falls, NJ)
bullet Gale Force - Suppliers of test and measurement equipment (Red Bank, NJ)
bullet Innovance - A start-up working on photonic networking solutions (Piscataway, NJ and Ottawa, Ontario)
bullet Internet Photonics - Carrier Grade optical Ethernet. Funded by Sprout Group. (Shrewsbury, NJ)  Now Ciena.
bullet Onetta - Optical amplifiers. Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital, HarbourVest Partners (Sunnyvale, Ca, and Piscataway, NJ) Now part of Bookham Technology.
bullet PhotonEx - Another start-up doing 40 Gb/s work
bullet Photuris - Optical Networking. Funded by Artiman Ventures, Columbia Capital, Greylock?. (Shrewsbury, NJ)
bullet Corvis - Ultra-long haul and submarine systems (Dorsal)
bullet Red Sky - Submarine system supplier. Funded in part by Dolphin Equity Partners (South Plainfield, NJ)

Other Companies - The big guys

bullet Agilent
bullet Ando Corporation
bullet Avanex
bullet Bookham Technology
bullet Corning
bullet Intel
bullet Lucent Technologies
bullet JDS Uniphase


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