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Tyco Telecommunications

TyCom/Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd.

Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd.

AT&T Bell Laboratories - Undersea Systems Laboratory

During reorganization of the submarine systems industry:

Designed and coordinated multidisciplinary approach to install new systems and to manage existing systems to optimize capacity. Optimization of dispersion compensation, phase modulation, pulse shape, regenerator receiver parameters, and other variables were accomplished.

Director of Services Engineering and Technical Marketing

Led a group with two missions:

Identify and engineer services to be deployed on TyCom’s emerging network:

Developed product views of SDH services incorporating both hardware and software (Operations Support Systems) views.

Developed new services for the TyCom network including collocation services and IP/MPLS transport.

Make maximal use of TyCom’s system and networking technology in marketing activities:

Focal point for all technical interactions with marketing. Developed marketing materials for the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Network Officer.

Activities included invited talks, round-table discussions, press release development, industry magazine contributions, strategy, etc.

Forward-Looking Technology Assessment

Responsible for identifying and demonstrating candidate technologies for application to undersea fiber-optic transmission systems in 2 to 10 years.


Demonstrated the importance of recent advancements in Forward Error Correction (FEC) to enhance the capacity of optical communication systems. Developed a flexible hardware system to investigate new FEC algorithms in long haul transmission experiments. Performed a software and hardware based search for new FEC algorithms.

Investigated, both theoretically and through experimentation, wideband Raman amplifiers.  Demonstrated for the first time a 92 nm Raman amplifier and created the software tools for the investigation of pump interactions to enable the creation of future generations of wideband Raman amplifiers.

Directed a cross-functional team of theorists, optical amplifier designers, equipment manufacturers, and experimentalists in a cooperative agreement with an international partner.  Jointly, we conducted experiments to explore the ultimate capacity achievable for 10,000 km transmission using technology expected to be available in the year 2000.

Analyzed and constructed a transmission system that demonstrated record setting transmission over 5000 km with repeaters separated by 240 km.  The system made use of both Raman and erbium doped fiber amplifiers.

Led a team that constructed a 5000 km long test facility that demonstrated dense Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM) transmission technology and optical add/drop multiplex technology for the first time.  Studies performed on this facility demonstrated the feasibility of this technology and resulted in transfer of the technology into production.

Technology consultant to multi-disciplinary teams to market submarine cable systems to international telecommunication companies.  Responsible for direct support of sales through customer education and system design consultation.  Teamed with applications engineers to develop numerous technical responses for $50M to $300M undersea cable systems.

Transmission/Fiber-optic Engineer -  1987 through 1995

Directed a team of engineers responsible for the design and development of AT&T's third generation of undersea repeater.  This repeater is based on erbium-doped optical amplifiers.  The repeater is part of undersea systems (up to 9000 km) that span the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and operate at a bit-rates up to 5 Gb/s.  Responsibilities included the overview of optical component development teams, repeater performance testing, and transfer to production.

Led team of hardware and software engineers to develop automated test facilities for the manufacture of fiber-optic, high bit-rate, high reliability, regenerative (600 Mb/s) repeaters.


As lead engineer, coordinated the transition of the regenerator from development to production.

Provided systems engineering for the design and production of a high reliability, 1.5 mm, 591 Mb/s laser transmitter and its components.

Participated in a team effort to perform forward-looking systems engineering to maintain technological perspective on the undersea fiber-optic industry. 

Worked with domestic and international customers to perform shipboard installation, integration and testing to complete the first trans-Pacific fiber-optic cable system.

Investigated polarization-selective fiber couplers and bulk-optic technologies for laser transmitter sparing.

Coordinated a successful program to design, evaluate and produce a mechanical fiber-optic switch for inclusion in the AT&T undersea repeater.

Evaluated the use of new technologies in undersea systems including the trade-offs between various transmitter designs and various transmission fibers (dispersion-shifted fiber, pure-silica core, etc.).

Provided laboratory-wide consultation on development methodology for software and hardware development including document control.

Systems Engineer - 1984 through 1987

Responsible for providing system-wide coordination of the many aspects of submarine cable system development and operations.

Developed software architecture and wrote detailed requirements for a computer system to perform supervisory control of the undersea transmission system and terminal equipment.

Devised software testing methodology and coordinated implementation of software testing.

Designed software simulator of undersea system and terminals.

Headed team to develop software simulator on UNIX-based PC.

Provided a system for standardizing databases for testing maintenance software.

Investigated burst noise and its effects on system maintenance.

Headed a department-wide effort to define and control the software development process.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Teaching Assistant and Research Associate - 1982 though 1983

Assisted professor in graduate, Digital Communications course.

Instructed and evaluated student performance in Linear Systems and Communications course work.

Designed and implemented an image processing based, component inspection system for use on printed circuit boards. (Center for Manufacturing Productivity and Technology Transfer)

Developed image processing techniques for investigating low resolution automatic image registration.


Data Industries Corporation, Paramus, N.J.

Assistant Engineer - 1979 through 1981

Analyzed computer communications needs within the banking industry.  Responsible for hardware installation and maintenance, product specification, system documentation, and technical report writing.


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