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Awarded 13 United States and numerous foreign patents in the field of fiber optic communications.

Authored over 36 papers including the following:

“2.4 Tb/s (120 x 20 Gb/s) transmission over transoceanic distance using optimum FEC overhead and 48% spectral efficiency,” OFC 2001, PD20. (Cai, Nissov, et. al.)

“1800 Gb/s transmission of one hundred and eighty 10 Gb/s WDM channels over 7200 km using the full EDFA C-band,” OFC 2000, volume 4, pgs 242-244. (Davidson, et. al.)

“Performance improvement in high capacity, ultra-long distance, WDM systems using forward error correction,” OFC 2000, Volume 3, pp. 274-276.(Kidorf, et. al.)

“Forward Error Correction (FEC) techniques in long-haul optical transmission systems,” Invited Paper, LEOS Annual Meeting 2000. (Ramanujam, et. al.)

“Pump Interactions in a 100 nm Bandwidth Raman Amplifier,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, May 1999, volume 11, No. 5, pg. 530.

“Rayleigh crosstalk in long cascades of distributed unsaturated Raman amplifiers,” electronics Letters, Volume 35, Number 12, June 10, 1999, pg. 997. (Nissov, Rottwitt, Kidorf, Ma)

“765 Gb/s over 2,000 km transmission using C- and L-band erbium doped fiber amplifiers,” OFC 1999, PD16. (Ma, et. al.)

“640 Gb/s transmission if sixty-four 10 Gb/s WDM channels over 7200 km with 0.33 (bits/s)/Hz spectral efficiency,” OFC 1999, PD-2. (Bergano, et. al.)

"Distributed Raman Amplifiers for Long Haul Transmission Systems," IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optical Society Annual Meeting, December 1998, pg. 251-252, Paper ThCC4. (Rottwitt, Kidorf, et. al.)

“Optical Fiber Telecommunications III,” Academic Press, chapter author.

“170 Gb/s Transmission Over 10,850 km Using Large Core Transmission Fiber,” OFC 1998.

“A 92 nm Bandwidth Raman Amplifier,” OFC 1998.

“320 Gb/s WDM Transmission (64x5 Gb/s) over 7,200 km using Large Mode Fiber Spans and Chirped Return-to-Zero Signals,” OFC 1998, paper PD-12.

“Wavelength Division Multiplexed Undersea Networks,” Presented and published for CommunicAsia’96 International Conference, pp 264-276.

Contributing author to a series of papers appearing in Electronics Letters and at OFC describing 5 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s WDM transmission experiments on installed, undersea optical amplifier cable systems.

“WDM Transmission Measurements on the Installed Segment H of the TPC-5 Optical Amplifier Undersea Cable System,” Electronics Letters, Volume 32, Number 14, July 4, 1996, pp 1314‑1315. (Feggeler, et. al.)

“WDM Transmission Measurements On Installed Optical Amplifier Undersea Cable Systems,” Optical Fiber Communications Conference 1996 (OFC ‘96). (Feggeler, et. al.)

“10 Gb/s WDM Transmission Measurements On An Installed Optical Amplifier Undersea Cable System,” Electronics Letters, Volume 31, Number 19, September 14, 1995, pp 1676-1678. (Feggeler, et. al.)

"Fiber-Amplifier Repeater Design For Undersea Application," July 1993, Fourth Topical Meeting on Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications, Optical Society of America, Yokohama, Japan.